Pace Optimizer

What Is Pace Optimizer?

Pace Optimizer is a technique-focused performance workout that aims to help you run your chosen distance as fast as you can! It analyzes your running performance and helps you to improve your pace by generating individualized Step Length and Cadence goals that take into account your unique running form. It works.

Set Up a Pace Optimizer workout

First, select Pace Optimizer from the Performance Run section of the Run Hub.

Next, choose a run to calibrate your new Pace Optimizer workout. Try to choose a run that meets the following criteria:

1) Matches the distance you intend to run - if you want to get faster over 5K, choose a 5K run.
2) Choose a run that was completed at a challenging pace. 
3) Choose a run done mainly on flat terrain - because of the way Step Length and Cadence fluctuate on inclines and declines, Pace Optimizer works best on the flat. 

Pace Optimizer will display a Run Score for your selected run. A score of 0 is a very easy run, whereas a score of 100 is equivalent to running at the World Record pace for that distance.
Use the sliding scale to adjust the target Run Score for your new workout. As you change the Run Score, the estimated finish times and pace range will be updated.
When you're happy with the Run Score, tap Next.

Pace Optimizer will display your individualized Step Length and Cadence ranges, based on the target Run Score you selected at the previous step.
The average Step Length and Cadence metrics from your previous run are also displayed. If these lie significantly below your target range, you may wish to consider revising your target Run Score. When you're happy with your target Step Length and Cadence ranges, tap Create workout and your new Pace Optimizer workout will be created.

In Run Coaching

During a Pace Optimizer workout, you will receive live in-run coaching to help you meet your Cadence and Step Length targets. If you are outside of your target range for Cadence or Step Length, you'll see and hear cues that will help you get back on track. 

Pace Optimizer coaching cues are delivered in several ways, so you can choose the ones that are best for you:

  • Visual cues are delivered via the NURVV Run app. 
  • Audio cues are delivered by the NURVV Run app via your mobile device or connected Bluetooth headphones.
  • Visual, audio and haptic cues are available via the NURVV Run Apple Watch app.

The workout will end automatically once you've completed the target distance. The Pace Optimizer summary will show you the Run Score you achieved during your workout, plus an analysis of your performance in terms of Cadence, Step Length and Pace.

The target Run Score will automatically adjust for your next workout based on your performance, to help you keep improving. If you'd prefer to set a different target Run Score, you can adjust this manually. 

Pace Optimizer allows you to gradually progress your Run Score and nudges the required Cadence and Step Length ranges upwards slowly, allowing you to learn what is required to make your next performance improvement.

Pace Optimizer workouts can also work well as motivation to keep good technique during a distance run via the in-run cues or as part of specific technique development sessions executed as a series of intervals.

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