In-Run Coaching

NURVV Live In-Run Coaching

Pace Coach and Indoor Run offer live coaching and insights whilst In-Run.

Visual and Audio cues

Pace Coach

Visual and Audio cues are available based on the individual and unique targets that have been set. These cues can help keep a runner keep on track for a target time.

Using the cues help to regularly improve performance. Furthermore, an audio cue will be received when the set distance is completed. This is a great way of pushing for that new PR or using the feature for an interval-based session.

Visual Cues will be displayed on the phone screen at all times. Visual and haptic cues are also available on an Apple Watch, allowing the Technique Target Zones to alert you, even when running without a phone.

Audio Cues will be given via the phone (when not on silent), the Apple Watch, or through Bluetooth connected headphones. The audio cues will not disrupt any other media that may be playing, so you can still listen to a favorite podcast or motivating running playlist!

Indoor Run

Visual Cues for Footstrike are offered when running indoors. The feature shows your footstrike whilst you are running, this is a good way of monitoring technique in-run.

The mobile device can be placed on the treadmill so that the information is clearly and readily available.

Addition In-Run Cues

There will be additional in-run cues that are not explicitly coaching aspects. Audio cues will be heard when splits are reached, and when the run is paused, resumed, or finished.

Cues are not available if you are running without a mobile device or Apple Watch.

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