NURVV Run Trackers 

Your trackers connect to the clip on each insole.
The trackers record your run data. Tracker features are discussed below.

Which Tracker is Which? 

The trackers look similar, but there is an easy way to tell them apart: the right tracker has a large circular button, the Activity button, on the outer face. The left tracker does not have this feature.

Power Button 

The Power button is the small button located on the inner face of each tracker. 

To turn your trackers on, push and hold the power button for two seconds The status lights on the tracker will light blue and green, indicating that the tracker is powering up.

To turn your trackers off, push and hold the power button for one second. When you release the power button, the forward status light will flash red, indicating that the tracker is powering down. 

NOTE: Do not use the Power button while the tracker is connected to the clip. This puts pressure on the connection between the tracker and the clip - as your finger/thumb accesses the power button, the rear part of the tracker is pushed out. This can damage the connectors. Turn your trackers on before connecting to the clips, and power them off after removing them from the clips.

Activity button

The Activity button is the large button on the outer face of the right tracker. The Activity button can be used to start and control your runs if you're running phone-free.
See more on how to run phone-free.

Tracker Status Lights

There are two status lights on the top edge of each tracker. The status lights are used to indicate important information about what your trackers are doing. See more about the status lights.

Tracker Run Time

The NURVV Run App monitors tracker battery levels and memory usage to provide you with
Run Time - the amount of running you can do with your trackers right now, without charging or syncing to the NURVV Run app. To check your current available Run Time, connect your trackers to the NURVV Run app, navigate to "Settings" and then select "Manage Trackers".

Your trackers can record 5hrs of running on a single charge. Tracker memory can hold approximately 24hrs of run data. Every time your trackers connect to the NURVV Run app, it syncs your runs and manages tracker memory for you automatically.   

Syncing Trackers

The syncing process transfers run data from the trackers to the NURVV Run app, so that your run data can be displayed in the app and is always available to you. This happens automatically every time you connect your trackers to the NURVV Run app.

Charging Trackers

The trackers can be charged using the supplied charger. The charger can charge both trackers simultaneously. A full charge from 0% battery should take approximately 4hrs. You can learn more about charging your trackers here.

Tracker Power Management

The trackers automatically turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity. This prevents your tracker batteries being run down if the trackers are left on accidentally after a session, or if trackers are turned on unintentionally whilst not in use.

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