Using NURVV Run with Garmin

After the initial pairing of NURVV Run trackers to the phone, it will then be possible for NURVV to work with Garmin without needing the phone

Note, at this stage, only Quick Run can be configured.

Connecting the Trackers to the Watch

Turn on ANT+ in your NURVV Run app
  • Select settings
  • Manage trackers
  • Select your trackers 
  • Toggle ANT+ on 
Identify the Tracker ANT+ ID number
  • On the watch head to the settings page – hold the up button until a list appears, and then use the down button to reach the “Sensors & Accessories” tab on the watch, press the select/start button on the Garmin to see what sensors are visible to the watch
  • Use the down button to scroll until the NURVV trackers are displayed
  • Use the select/start button to choose the NURVV trackers this will successfully connect the trackers to the watch
Enabling NURVV metrics on the watch
  • Use the start button to navigate to the activity screen
  • Hold the up button down and select run settings
  • Use the down button to scroll through to the GPS settings, this will allow the GPS to be switched off enabling the distance/pace, etc to come from NURVV and not Garmin 

Changing the display fields on the Garmin screen

  • Hold the up button to navigate to the settings screen
  • From the settings, screen enter the activities and app page
  • This will allow the desired activity to be selected (e.g Running / Treadmill mode)
  • Once inside the selected activity, the user will be able to select what data screens are on display
  • Distance, pace, speed, and cadence are recommended 

NURVV Run is now set up with the trackers on the watch. To start a session, the trackers must be showing a slow pulsing green light on the left tracker. If the user is going to start the session via the phone, then they will have a pulsing green LED on the right instead of the flashing blue and yellow.

For maximum consistency between the Garmin and NURVV, both sessions should be started simultaneously, either through pressing the start button on the phone and the Garmin 4 seconds later (after the countdown), or the activity button and the Garmin at the same time. 

Subsequent pausing/finishing of sessions should continue to be as close together on the devices as possible to maintain accuracy between the two sessions visible on the devices.

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